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...................... Wow.

I'm breaking my absolute, this-is-my-style-every-time review format for this movie. But then, I think I may have just broken a lot of habits.

I'm a gamer. An AVID gamer. So much so that, with my creative nature, I was soon driven to create my own games, and at 18, I'm now a decent, self-marketed computer game designer and programmer. I have a deep love of all things game-related, even indulging in a free-to-play MMO, Mabinogi.

I know what keeps me gaming in my case: I'm competitive. Highly so, which is why any game that's played with other players drives me to constantly play & improve. Yet... You hit the nail on the head, just along the same lines of thought I've been traveling for a while.

Are games bad? Nope. Gamers? Game programmers? No and no. But... When we let them get too out-of-balance, when the games themselves start claiming our lives... What's it worth? You're absolutely right, the games themselves have NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVER to our real lives.

I've been leaning this way for a while, slowly making some changes. Am I going to stop playing and making games? Heck no. But I'm not going to let meaningless play take over my life any more.

Thanks for the boot in the rear; I needed that. You, sir, are a great leader of the people.

The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict

-Excellent animation
-Wonderful, well-thought out storyline
-Interesting concept
-Great choice of music

-... Um... ?

I just can't find a fault with this. It's a fantastic, brilliantly conducted work of art. Your use of ordinary, monochrome vector art blended with the occasional special effect, your music choices, the plot... Every last detail is fantastic, right up to the ending. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite Newgrounds submissions.

Oh, and bonus points for using the Shinra Corporation theme tune. BIG bonus points. ;D

The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict

-Great art style
-Positively flawless animation
-Enormous variety & imagination
-Excellent character representations

-... Um... Nope, I got nothing. :D

Well, congratulations: you have officially created the first NG animation I have ever seen, that I can find NO FAULTS WITH WHATSOEVER. I've never said this before... But it's perfect!!!

Your character stylizing was perfect, making everyone instantly recognizable. The number of cameos you worked in was also highly impressive. Your animation was brilliantly, flawlessly executed, and the song choice was perfect too. I'm serious dude...




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Go ahead, translate! Binary -> English

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The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict

-Strangely addicting
-Cute graphics

-Music - such as it was - was really repetetive.
-A little "sticky" in places

Nice, challenging game, with absolutely adorable baby birds. ^_^ On the other hand, the paddle had a tendency to "stick," that is, move jerkily, when quickly moved a large distance. Also, as I said, the music was just WAY too repetetive. Let me put it this way: it's a fun game, and worth trying out, but not something I'd come back to play again.

The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict

-Cute graphics
-Innovative gameplay
-Smooth, flawless operation

-Err... ^_^

Absolute front page material. This is probably the most entertaining & unusual Flash game I've ever seen. Marvellous work gamezhero!

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Dear god in heaven!!!


I don't have the faintest idea how it could bear such a low rating as less then 4... This is an indescribably beautiful piece! Most people, myself included, would think of capturing the energy and the motion of the Space Harrier theme, but you found something totally different hidden within its notes. This... This is remarkable, this is A Whole New World, this is Beauty and the Beast, this is... I can't even describe it. The worth, emotion, joy and outright LOVE of every beautiful piece of classical music I've ever heard is in this (and not just those from Disney, haha).

You have taken this music beyond its game of origin, beyond its time of birth and beyond an and all of my possible expectations. Hats off to you; you've brought a tear to my eye and sent a shiver down my spine. This song IS pure magic.

DigitalDuck responds:

I take it you liked it, then?

Thanks for the response; I tend to get a lot of 0s for some reason, so these ratings are usually a little lower than they should be. My Afterburner remix is quite similar, so you should probably check out that one too.

Beautiful and stirring; powerfully emotional!

Beautiful; just beautiful. I'm actually not familiar with the original song, but I have to say that I can't imagine it being done any way other than this. This one made joy and emotion pour throughout me, always a sign of quality and power.

That said, I refrained from giving it a 10 on account of a couple of (very) minor complaints. During the end chorus, I have to say that some of the vocals sounded *slightly* off-key in a spot or two. Out of curiosity, did you record the entire piece live, or was it arranged in layers with a program like FL Studio?

As for the clicks/scratches, I didn't take points off there because there's only so much you can do when your equipment decides to screw you over, believe me I know. I do, however, have a suggestion in this case: Audacity, the freeware open-source audio editor. In Audacity, you can actually edit individual SAMPLES in an audio file; I myself used it to remove some click/pop from a recent sound clip I was working on.

Overall, this is an excellent rendition that truly strikes the right note. With the aforementioned SLIGHT tuning, it'd be perfect; keep the spirit!

I think I know...

... What it's missing, that angryshroom noticed but couldn't quite catch. Percussion.

Specifically, the NES had two square wave channels and one triangle wave, which you seem to have captured FAIRLY faithfully in this. However it also had a fourth channel for "white noise," which was usually used for percussion. (It ALSO had a sort-of-but-not-quite PCM channel, but I dunno about it. XD) Anyway, what this needs is the alternating "drumbeats" and hat kicks from th original tune, something to make you feel the BEAT.

Other than that, it's a great job you've done here; personally I'd love to see you try one more time with the percussion added in. For genuine NES sound, you should download FamiTracker (freeware) which emulates the actual audio coding of the console itself. Cheers! :D

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